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Govt Announces Increase in Prices of Petrol and Diesel

The federal government has announced an increase in the prices of petroleum products. According to a notification issued by the finance ministry, the price of petrol has been increased by Rs. 4.53 per liter to Rs. 293.94, while the price of high-speed diesel has seen an increase of Rs. 8.14 per liter to Rs. 290.38. It is pertinent to mention here that at the last fortnightly review of petroleum prices on March 31, the government increased the price of petrol by Rs. 9.66 per liter. However, the price of high-speed diesel was cut by Rs. 3.32 per liter. The government is currently collecting Rs. 60 per liter petroleum levy, the maximum permissible limit under the law, on both petrol and high-speed diesel. Source: Pro Pakistani