Govt advises all PEIs to grant concession of 20% in monthly fee to students

The government has advised all Private Educational Institutions to grant concession of 20 percent in monthly fee of students in view of closure of PEIs due to spike in Covid-19 positive cases in the country.

According to a letter issued by the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority of Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, the concession in fee has been granted from April this year till re-opening of PEIs. However, the said concession policy is not applicable on PEIs charging monthly tuition fee less than 8000 rupees.

The letter said that the fee challan, if already issued or paid for the month of April/May this year contrary to the fee concession policy, needs to be adjusted in next month fee whereas parents, guardians are also advised to pay the fee in a timely manner.

Source: Radio Pakistan