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Governor Sindh Honors National Martyrs, Stresses Importance of Remembering Their Sacrifices

Karachi, In a solemn ceremony dedicated to national martyrs, Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tesori emphasized the crucial role of honoring those who sacrificed their lives for the country’s safety. The event, which highlighted the importance of acknowledging the contributions of security forces and the sacrifices of their families, was aimed at reinforcing the bond between the citizens and those who defend them.

According to Sindh Governor House, the ceremony was attended by the General Secretary of the Martyrs Foundation, Nabil Shahid, who welcomed Governor Tesori. In his address, the Governor expressed his deep respect for the martyrs and criticized any attitudes of ingratitude towards their memory. He underscored the peace and security that these sacrifices have afforded to the nation, remarking that the prosperity of a nation depends significantly on its remembrance and gratitude towards its protectors.

Governor Tesori also praised the Martyrs Foundation for its role in supporting the families of the fallen, describing the organization as a beacon of hope and recognition for the invaluable contributions of the martyrs. He called upon the nation to remain united in supporting and remembering the sacrifices made by security personnel and to reject any efforts to create divisions between the forces and the public.