Gas suspension: Pakistan Steel Re-Rolling Mills Association fears massive layoffs, unrest

Lahore, December 11, 2013 (PPI-OT): The Pakistan Steel Re-Rolling Mills Association (PSRMA) has shown grave concern over suspension of gas to the industry and feared massive layoffs and unrest.

In a statement issued here Wednesday, PSRMA Chairman Asmat Pervaiz Malik said that Steel Re-Rolling industry in Punjab is passing through a crisis-like situation due to unavailability of gas that is a prime raw material for the steel sector.

He said that it was very unfortunate that steel industry in Punjab has no gas supply whereas Karachi has only two holidays and no holiday for KPK province. Ultimately steel products manufactured in other provinces are ruining industry in Punjab.

PSRMA has pointed out every year that element of discrimination in gas supply to the Punjab must be stopped and distribution of gas supply must be in accordance with the size of industry and not according to the area of province.

“When the industry in Punjab is paying a considerable amount of revenue to the exchequer, its protection is also the responsibility of Federal government.”

It is submitted that closure of gas to the industry also results in total closure of 28 dependent industries of Steel Sector to whom raw material is being provided by the Re-Rolling industry. These industries include agricultural implements, sewing machines, surgical instruments, tractor spares, power looms, electric fan and appliances, light engineering, housing and construction etc.

The closure of industry due to suspension of gas would deprive millions of workers attached with Steel sector which would cause unrest in the country. It is very surprising that at one side the government is trying to create opportunities of employment and on the other hand adopting the policies which render unemployment for those who are on job. This is treated as anti industry policy and even is not in favour of the government itself.

Pakistan Steel Re-Rolling Mills Association urged the concerned high ups to save the industry of Punjab from total disaster and also save millions of workers and their families from starvation.

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