From Heavy Industries Taxila no police person died while performing duties inside Mohafiz vehicle

Islamabad, July 22, 2012 (PPI-OT): Consequent to the news item appearing in a section of press dated 20 Jul 2012 in which it has been reported that at least 13 Policemen lost their lives while they were in Mohafiz Vehicles is false and the facts have been distorted with definite mala -fide intentions to misguide the readers. Some of the facts are highlighted as under:

a. Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) is an establishment of Ministry of Defence Production, Govt of Pakistan and not a Private Company.

b. The operational capability of Mohafiz vehicle has been undermined in the report and therefore requires clear understanding that Mohafiz Vehicle provided to Sindh Police is according to the specifications laid down in the contract signed with Sindh Police. The performance of the Vehicle in Lyari operation is according to the claimed protection levels.

c. The specification of the vehicle as per claimed protection levels have been tested by Sindh Police on a hull of Mohafiz manufactured as per the actual vehicle on 15 Nov 2011 at Police Academy Razzaq Abad prior to delivery of these vehicles. The firing test was conducted in the presence of Honourable Home Minister, Mr. Manzoor Wassan, IG Police and DIG Operations. More than 200 bullets were fired and the protection levels were verified.

d. No low-caliber standard bullets penetrated Mohafiz vehicle in Lyari Operation and the Joint Investigation Report prepared by HIT and Sindh Police verifies the facts.

e. All 18 Vehicles (10 Mohafiz, 8 Talha) which have been used and fired upon in Lyari Operations have been thoroughly inspected and claimed protection levels are verified. No police person died while performing duties inside Mohafiz Vehicle.

f. The materials used in manufacture of Mohafiz are according to the specifications laid down internationally for the desired protection levels. All materials used are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certified and further tested by HIT before manufacturing. Each product of HIT is backed by proper Warranty/ Guarantee as laid down in the contract with users including Sindh Police.

g. Mohafiz has saved the lives of Police and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) personnel throughout Pakistan in any operations where it has been effectively utilized according to its capabilities.

h. Report published therefore is ambiguous, as the reporter has no knowledge of Armoured Vehicles, APCs and Tanks and neither has an understanding of protection levels of these Vehicles. HIT produces various types of Armoured Vehicles, according to requirements of the users, meeting international protection standards. Technology utilized in product manufacturing has been acquired directly from the OEMs. There is no role of traders in the production of the Armoured Vehicles.

i. All the Mohafiz supplied to Sindh Police have been manufactured based on Aluminum Armour and ballistic steel which is in accordance to contracted specifications. The damaged Vehicles of the Lyari Operation will be repaired according to well engineered practices and also upgraded, if Sindh Police so desires.

j. HIT has full capability of manufacturing Armoured Vehicles for LEAs according to the requirements whether it is B6, B7 or other levels of protection. Comparing the HIT products with Luxury Cars or Vehicles is a complete misperception on part of the reporter.

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