Financial results of Faysal Income & Growth Fund for period ended March 31, 2016

Karachi, Faysal Income & Growth Fund informed Pakistan Stock Exchange about the recommendations made by the board of directors in the meeting held at Karachi on April 22, 2016.

The agenda of the meeting was discussion of profit and loss account for nine months period and quarter ended March 31, 2016 which portrayed a profit of Rs. 43,558,975 and Rs. 17,424,661 respectively.

Further, nil payment of cash dividend, bonus shares and right shares was agreed.

Faysal Income & Growth Fund (FIGF) is to provide superior long-term risk adjusted returns by investing in a diverse pool of fixed income securities, including money market instruments; in particular, the aim is to minimize interest rate risk through duration management and default risk through portfolio diversification. The Fund will employ prudent and disciplined investment management, and maximize the total investment return through systematic and informed security selection.

The symbol “OEFFIGF” is being used by the stock exchange for the shares of Faysal Income & Growth Fund.