FBR Issues Exemption Certificate to Roofline Pvt Ltd

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), on the intervention of the Federal Tax Ombudsman, has issued the exemption certificate in the case of M/s Roofline Pvt Ltd.

A handout issued by the FTO office stated that Roofline (Pvt) Limited, being manufacturers of Bituminous for the past seven years, had been facing difficulty in the issuance of exemption certificate U/s 148 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001, despite discharging their projected tax liability in full.

M/s Roofline (Pvt) Limited approached Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah, FTO for redressal of their grievance. The afore-mentioned product was previously imported, but the unit was established to produce the product locally and save much-needed foreign exchange in the country.

Since the value-added product has been widely accepted by the consumers and has successfully replaced the imported raw materials. It is pertinent to note that the high-quality membrane is commonly used for waterproofing.

Despite the utility of the product and investment by the manufacturers, the business was stuck-up due to a nonpayment exemption certificate and refund by the FBR due to procedural requirements. With the intervention of the Office of FTO and instructions thereon to the department the requisite exemption certificate was issued in the case of M/s Roofline Pvt Ltd.

The complainant has expressed gratitude for the quick proceedings by the Office of FTO as this would help a lot in stuck-up cash flows of the unit. The Office of FTO has initiated the process of prompt redressal under the FTO Ordinance for ease of doing business in the country and to facilitate the aggrieved taxpayers.

Source: Pro Pakistani