FBR Chairman to Continue Despite End of Tenure

The three months tenure of Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Muhammad Javed Ghani had expired on September 4, but he will continue the job till the appointment of a regular incumbent.

So far, the federal government has not appointed a permanent Chairman for this slot.

On July 4, 2020, Establishment Division issued a notification on the appointment of Javed Ghani as Chairman FBR for a period of three months. He assumed charge of the post of the FBR Chairman on July 7.

According to the notification issued by the Establishment Division dated July 4,

“The federal government is pleased to assign additional charge of the post of chairman, Federal Board of Revenue, to Mr. Muhammad Javed Ghani … for a period of three months or till the posting/appointment of a regular incumbent; whichever is earlier.”

Earlier in April, Nausheen Amjad, BS-22 officer of Inland Revenue Service, was appointed as chairman FBR after the then chairman Shabbar Zaidi could not continue his duties due to health reasons.

During the last two years, it is the fourth consecutive appointment of Chairman FBR. Those who preceded Nausheen during this period were Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, Shabbar Zaidi; and now the government has given additional charge to Javed Ghani for a period of three months till the appointment of regular chairman.

Source: Propakistani