Fastest shipping lines to boost fruit exports, says Thue Barfod

Karachi, September 24, 2013 (PPI-OT): Pakistan possesses an important strategic location on the globe where it could expand its business by exports everywhere in different countries of the world through strong communication and logistic channels and shipping lines.

Thue Barfod, Vice President Asia Pacific Region Maersk Line said in a meeting with Director Durrani Associates Babur Durrani in an exclusive meeting. He was accompanied by Maersk Regional Head Ali Awan on the plant’s visit of Durrani-Pak Horti Fresh in Karachi.

Maersk Line has made Pakistan as a regional hub to provide services to traders of different fields with advanced technology of storage for preserving commodities and goods particularly fresh fruits and vegetables.

He said Maersk is focusing on emerging exporting sectors of Pakistan including fruits to provide best available and fastest shipping services to traders. In this regard, containers and storage tanks have been designed at high standards for temperature requirement.

Barfod added the potential of mango exports is vibrant in the country hence Maersk will facilitate Durrani Associates as a priority business partner in order to enhance its business across the globe through its shipment services.

He assured that Maersk will meet demands of fruits exports mainly Durrani Associates for reducing shipment days on the routes of exporting countries in the future.

Babar Durrani, Director Durrani Associates, said that Pakistan’s fruits exports could be enhanced to different countries of the world through advanced shipping lines like Maersk Line having advanced storage facilities.

Durrani Associates with its hot water technology has exported mangoes to seven different countries in past two years via sea but there are different countries in the world which could be approached through fastest shipping lines.

There are different regions where mangoes of Pakistan’s are famous but did not reach or exported rarely which include USA, Canada, European and African countries. On the other hand, air freight is not viable for the exporters and the government to tap these large markets but shipping line could help out exporters to meet their dreams true through reducing travelling days to ship mangoes and fruit to these countries.

He demanded Maersk VP to shorten one week at least in the present shipping period of supplies fruits to different countries particularly in UK and Australia where the mangoes exports have been made regular by Durrani Associates. The shipment period of mangoes from Pakistan to UK takes 25 days which should be minimized to 16 to 15 days, he added.

Durrani also demanded that freight cost of shipping lines has been increasing on the rising value of dollar against rupee hence the freight rates should be controlled by shipping lines to attract a number of exporters to enhance their volume of exports to different countries.

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