Export of Live Animals from Pakistan

Karachi: Mr. S.M. Naseem, Chairman, Pakistan Tanners’ Association In a press statement issued to all print and electronic media expressed his deep concern over the Re- Consideration of Issuing Licence for the export of Live Animals from Pakistan, which was Discontinued earlier on PTA’s repeated representation.

Mr. S.M. Naseem, Chairman, PTA shared with the Media that owing to severe scarcity of raw Materials/hides and skins the prices thereof in Pakistan are now extremely high in the history of Leather Industry in Pakistan, resultantly the members of PTA are becoming UNABLE to get Repeat Export Orders from their regular foreign buyers/customers owing to high production cost in Pakistan, In result of that the production of Leather Sector is now shirked up to 50 to 70%, which would be Alarming in losing the pace of fetching precious foreign exchange for the national exchequer in the Remaining months of financial year.

Mr. Naseem also added that PTA’s members were meeting their dire needs of basic raw materials by Importing from different countries specially from African countries, but after putting ban on export In these countries our member’s manufacturers and exporters are now COMPLETELY COMPELLED To depend on domestic raw materials, which is already short severely in Pakistan for meeting the Export demands.

Mr. S.M. Naseem, Chairman, PTA also articulated that the Issuance of License for the Export of Live Animals from Pakistan is not only detrimental to the Leather Industry but also put adverse affects On the general masses because of further increase of Meat Prices in Pakistan, which is already beyond? Their reach.

The Chairman, PTA, Mr. S.M. Naseem also strongly emphasised the need to announce lucrative Incentives to the Leather Sector by the Government of Pakistan for its survival as already proposed in Its proposals for Trade Policy.

Mr. S.M. Naseem, Chairman, PTA strongly appeals to the Government of Pakistan specially to Ministry of National Food Security and Research to refrain from Re-considering Issuance of License for the export of Live Animals from Pakistan in the supreme national interest and to save the Leather Industry of Pakistan from further collapse/damage.

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