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European companies show interest in investing in Pakistan’s IT sector

Through effective strategy of Special Investment Facilitation Council, European companies have shown interest in investing in Pakistan’s IT sector.

According to the details, startups graduated from the National Incubation Centers established under the SIFC have started attracting foreign IT companies to invest in Pakistan.

A European software company has planned to establish a data center in Karachi.

According to the US web portal Microsoft Network, due to the tireless efforts of SIFC and strong networking of National Incubation Centers, foreign companies have regained confidence in Pakistan’s IT and other sectors.

It said foreign companies are gradually moving their businesses to Pakistan due to growing capacity, trained youth and emerging opportunities.

Czech Republic’s software company IceWarp has also planned to start a data center in Karachi in partnership with Pakistan’s software company Hexalyze.

Global Chief Sales of IceWarp, Jan Urbik said Pakistan has high potential for digital transformation
taking place in government and private sector organizations. He said we will support the Pakistan IT mission by providing affordable solutions.

IceWrap’s investment can save up to 60 percent in software and cyber security services to many industries, financial institutions, small and medium enterprises and startups.

Source: Radio Pakistan