Entire country especially this province has been worst hit because of terrorism: Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Barrister Masood Kausar has said, the entire country especially this province has been worst hit because of terrorism which indeed have put every segment of the society including the working class to suffer at the most.

Talking to a 23-member joint delegation comprising office bearers of People Labour Federation of Pakistan and the provincial office bearers of People labour Bureau which called on him under the leadership of Mr. Tila Muhammad, Vice Chairman of the Federation at Governor’s House, Peshawar on Tuesday, the Governor said, “terrorism is an international issue, wherein our motherland is the worst suffer in all respects”. However, he pointed out, the encouraging aspect of the scenario is that the entire nation is not only united on this issue but is also struggling to get rid of it. This state of situation, the Governor said, depicts the magnitude of awareness of the people of Pakistan as well.

Referring to a point, the Governor said tackling the socio-economic difficulties being confronted as fall outs of the problem of terrorism are beyond doubt a big challenging task and we being fully conscious of the sufferings of the labour community too, we InshaAllah spare no effort to ease the situation.

Talking on another point, the Governor also assured the members of the delegation to take every possible step to ensure due safety of the legally protected rights of the workers of this province and it will always be his sincere effort to remain in close contact with the concerned circles to resolve the difficulties of the workers.

Earlier, Mr. Tila Muhammad and other members of the delegation apprised the Governor about the problems, which they have been facing. They also briefed him about certain suggestions in ensuring better working and living conditions for workers of the province as well. They also thanked the Governor for providing the opportunity of meeting him and giving a patient hearing to them.

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