Employees of Supreme Court Donate Blood

Islamabad: The employees of the Supreme Court including officers and staff donated blood with altruistic spirit and as a philanthropic act towards humanity on voluntary basis to Red Crescent Society today i.e. 21.07.2011 in Supreme Court Building, Islamabad.

The Red Crescent Society established a transitory Blood Donation Camp today in Supreme Court Building, Islamabad on request of the Administration of the Supreme Court in which dozens of volunteers contributed and donated the blood with view that safe blood saves millions of lives each year. It has been shown all over the world that regular, voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation by low-risk donors is key to saving lives.

“As we can see, every drop counts to help counteract the shortages of blood in the world, so we are keen to do what we can to help increase stocks for the good of others that need it in the community” said the senior officers while donating the blood. They also vowed to hold such camps frequently in future as well.

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