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Elevatus Empowers Lebara Mobile KSA to Centralize Recruitment Through Agile Recruiting Solutions

Elevatus Empowers Lebara Mobile KSA to Centralize Recruitment Through Agile Recruiting Solutions

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RIYADH, November 25th, 2023 – Elevatus, the premier recruitment solutions provider headquartered in Riyadh, announces its collaboration with Lebara Mobile KSA, the leading virtual mobile operator in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration represents a significant step forward for Lebara as they integrate Elevatus’ technology to enhance their recruitment processes, facilitate stakeholder engagement, and deliver a distinctive and positive experience for candidates.

Elevatus and Lebara have united their efforts with the goal of centralizing Lebara’s recruitment and onboarding processes through a single, comprehensive solution. This collaboration empowers Lebara to swiftly create a modern career page without the need for coding, efficiently identify top talent through AI-driven filtration tools, rapidly distribute job postings to 2000 job boards, skillfully match candidates with the most suitable positions, and seamlessly onboard new hires through flexible and tailored onboarding processes. Enabling them to save more than 40 hours per job posting and up to a 90% reduction in total recruitment time.

Bandar Sowaid, CHRO at Lebara Mobile KSA, further emphasizes: “Elevatus is the catalyst in our journey to redefine recruitment and onboarding. With Elevatus’ AI-driven solutions, we’re not just automating tasks; we’re enhancing efficiency, reducing manual efforts, and ensuring candidates have a seamless application experience. This collaboration is about value creation – centralizing our recruitment process, monitoring KPIs, and accelerating our contribution to Saudi Arabia’s ICT sector growth. Elevatus brings exceptional value to our talent strategy, making us more agile and responsive in a rapidly evolving market.”

Through Elevatus’ AI-powered applicant tracking system, Lebara gains the capability to craft dynamic hiring pipelines tailored to their specific telecom needs. They can also create customizable stage actions that automate various tasks, such as sending emails, questionnaires, and assessments to candidates who advance in the recruitment process. This automation significantly reduces the time and effort required by the hiring team, sparing them from the manual sifting of irrelevant applications.

Furthermore, with data showing that 30% of online job seekers are reluctant to spend more than 15 minutes on their application, Elevatus’ end-to-end ATS offers a solution that streamlines the entire application process. Its user-friendly and efficient interface simplifies the candidate experience, enabling individuals to apply for jobs within a few minutes. This approach enhances the overall efficiency and accessibility of the application process for Lebara’s potential candidates.

“Our collaboration with Lebara Mobile KSA is a transformative step that underscores the profound impact of Elevatus technology on the telecom sector and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Elevatus offers a comprehensive, mature solution that empowers clients like Lebara to centralize their recruitment processes, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. We are proud to empower them to enhance candidate experiences, meet their telecom talent needs, and contribute to the Kingdom’s growth objectives.”

Elevatus stands as an industry leader, pioneering transformative trends in HR technology to address the persistent challenge of talent scarcity in the fast-paced business environment. By partnering with Elevatus, companies like Lebara Mobile KSA gain a distinctive advantage, centralizing their recruitment processes, saving time and resources, swiftly identifying top talent, and enhancing the candidate experience. Elevatus’ innovative approach empowers them to foster growth and resilience within a constantly changing market environment, making Elevatus a driving force in the realm of telecom recruitment.


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