During last two months no incident of Negleria reported by Grace of Allah: Karachi Water Sewerage Board

Karachi, July 31, 2013 (PPI-OT): Karachi Water and Sewerage Board is mixing Chlorine as per standards in the water supply, whereas KW and SB field officers also send samples from pumping stations to the latest lab for testing said KW and SB spokesperson. Focal Person KW and SB is monitoring Chlorination Process and KW and SB is aware of its professional duties, however if chlorine is found below standard in any far corner of the city it is adjust immediately to ensure public safety.

During last two months no incidents of Negleria have been reported by the Grace of Allah. However most of the diseases attack places where tanks are not cleaned periodically such as Mosques, Graveyards or even in houses. This increases the threat substantially since fungus is found in such tanks and amoebas grows in fungus.

As far as chlorination according to the standards is concerned, Chlorination is a part of KW and SB supply routine and we cross check the level at every step. KW and SB has fully cooperated with Committee established to fight Negleria formed by Ministry of Health and Commissioner Karachi. KW and SB Focal person is in coordination with Committee Members however the impression that Negleria would spread if the Committee is inactive is misleading and false.

During Ramadan millions of citizens have been performing abolition for Namaz, Fasting and other religious tasks at homes, Mosques and Offices yet no Negleria incidents have been reported yet. Due to continuous Chlorination and monitoring Chlorine levels for all areas have been established however to avoid low levels in far corners of the city, KW and SB has also installed Sodium Hypochlorite Plants as well. These plants were installed on experimental basis which are working fine and maintaining Chlorine level throughout the city.

For more information contact:
Karachi Water and Sewerage Board
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