Din Textile Mills Limited’s Free-Float of Shares

Karachi: In accordance with the Notice No. KSE/N-4483 dated July 19, 2006 and Regulation No. 21(3) of the Listing Regulations of Karachi Stock Exchange, we provide the Free-Float of shares of our Company as on March 31, 2012 hereunder.

Total Outstanding Shares =20,383,333= 
Less: Shares held by Directors/ sponsors=10,306,199= 
Government Holdings as promoter/acquirer/controller None 
Shares held by Associated Companies (Cross holdings)  =6,600= 
Shares held with general public in Physical Form =336,420==10,649,219=
Free-Float:  =9,734,134= 
Total number of shares available in CDS =20,046,933= 
Total number of shares in Physical Form  =336,420= 


1. Under no circumstances, Free-Float of a scrip shall exceed its book entry shares, available in the Central Depository System.

2. Share holdings held by investors that would not, in the normal course come into the market for trading shall be treated as “Controlling/Strategic Holdings” and shall not be included in the Free-Float. The following categories shall be excluded in determination of Free-Float.

Holdings by promoters / directors / acquirers which has control element

Holdings by persons / bodies with “Controlling Interest”

Government holding as promoter / acquirer

Equity held by associated / group companies (cross-holdings)

Shares that could not be sold in the open market, in normal course.

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