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DGTO Ensures Fairness in FPCCI Election Process, Overturns Biased Decisions

Karachi, The Director General of Trade Organization (DGTO) has taken a crucial step in ensuring a fair and transparent election process for the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) by overturning a controversial decision made by the FPCCI's Secretary General. This intervention comes after the Secretary General's decision to expel 19 legitimate trade bodies, which had caused unrest within the trade community ahead of the upcoming FPCCI election.

According to United Business Group, the Secretary General's actions, which followed the issuance of a provisional list and subsequent objections, exceeded his role and led to significant controversy. His decision was outlined in letter No 12575, dated 11-12-23, and had raised concerns about the integrity of the FPCCI's election process.

The DGTO's intervention was in response to appeals from the concerned trade bodies, who had been vocal in their discontent and had even threatened to stage protests if the Secretary General's decision was not reversed. The trade bodies had also demanded the expulsion of the Secretary General from the election proceedings to ensure a fair and unbiased election.

The DGTO's decision to overrule the Secretary General's actions and restore fairness to the FPCCI election process is seen as a significant move towards maintaining transparency and impartiality in the elections. This intervention by the DGTO is expected to calm the unrest among the trade community and pave the way for a more democratic and credible election process.

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