Deputy Chairman Senate, Jamali seeks Japanese assistance for Gradual Self-Reliance

Islamabad: Mir Jan Muhammad Khan Jamali Deputy Chairman Senate has lauded Japanese “Policy of self-reliance” even after the devastating 2011 Tohoku earth quake and resulting Tsunami in Japan that caused loss of precious lives and damage to infrastructure particularly melt down in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Complex. He stressed the need for Pakistan to follow suit to realize the ultimate goal of self-reliance through gradual up-lift in various sectors and institutional re-building. He was expressing his views while talking to H.E. Mr. Hiroshi OE, the newly appointed Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan and Mr. Takahiro Tamura, Special Assistant Secretary for South West Asian issues who called on him in Parliament House here today.

Both sides discussed bilateral issues of mutual interest and agreed on further enhancement of existing engagements on every level. Mir Jan Muhammad Khan Jamali appreciated Japanese assistance in 2005 earth quake and 2010 floods in Pakistan that played havoc with lives and properties of poor people of Pakistan. Reciprocating Japanese Ambassador appreciated Pakistan’s moral support in the time of crisis in the aftermath of 2011 tsunami in Japan. He said that Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said, “In the 65 years after the end of world war II, this is the toughest and the most difficult crisis for Japan.” He expressed his gratitude to Japanese friends particularly Pakistan for its all-out support.

Jan Jamali highlighted the areas where Japanese assistance and cooperation can bring fruitful results. He said that after passage of 18th Amendment and decentralization, various federal subjects have been devolved to provinces Japanese assistance can be diverted to both provinces and the centre in areas being dealt by them. He further elaborated the kind of assistance Japan can provide to both centre and provinces according to their requirements. He said, “Japan has been very helpful especially in Balochistan to keep things moving in various projects and we look forward for this continued assistance.” He added Bulldozers are needed for levelling of land for cultivation and building of dams.

He said Reko Diq is the biggest mining area and project in Balochistan in which Japanese help would be highly appreciated. In case of Punjab and Sindh people would like to have Japanese assistance for up-lift of educational and health sectors.

Jamali said that Japanese should select poor and less privileged villages from different areas in Pakistan and developed them with Japanese and locals cooperation into model villages, just like Saidpur Village in Islamabad which is a good example of such sort of development.

The Deputy Chairman Senate said that opening of IT Centres by JICA is a step in right direction for educating Pakistani people particularly youth as IT training is essential for progress of developing country like Pakistan. He recommended opening of IT Centres in Islamabad as well as different places in all provinces. He said separate IT Centres should be opened for male and female students in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan keeping in mind social circumstances so that even girls belonging to conservative families can be educated, whereas in Punjab and Sindh joint male and female IT education centres can be opened.

He said, “Females excel when given special opportunity and Government of Pakistan gives high priority to provide conducive atmosphere to girls in order to let them excel and contribute to development of Pakistan in every field.” He added that Japan can assist in enhancing women participation in income generating activities and role of female Parliamentarians and social activists can be of great value in this cause.

H.E. Mr. Hiroshi OE, the Ambassador of Japan responded positively for provision of assistance and collaboration to help achieve Pakistan’s objective of gradual self-reliance in different fields. He said, however, projected security situation perception abroad is a hindrance for investment in Pakistan. Mir Jan Jamali said that security situation in the country is continuously improving and its becoming more conducive for investors from abroad.

The Deputy Chairman Senate emphasized the need for enhancing cooperation via cultural events and people to people contacts. He expressed his fondness of Japanese Tea Parties, Sushi, ‘Bonsai’ (miniature trees grown in containers), Haiku-Japanese poetry. He said “Arrangements of cross cultural events by both sides can help bringing people, artist, Parliamentarians etc. closer together resulting in appreciation of each other’s values and cultures.” Jamali said that Japanese giants like Toyota and Honda are here in Pakistan meaning commercial collaboration is going on but there is dire need to take our special relationship to a new dimension via active cultural exchanges and people to people contacts.

At the end, Japanese Ambassador thanked Deputy Chairman for his kind hospitality and appreciated the need for more frequent exchanges on every level.

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