Daily Cargo Handling Report

Karachi: Three container vessels, tanker and bulk carriers are due to reach at the outer anchorage of Karachi Port on Sunday, however two container vessels are reaching Karachi Port on Saturday. A tanker, two bulk carriers and a general cargo vessel have acquired safe berthing at the port. The ships berthed at the port during the last 24 hours are CHEM WORLD, HELLENIC HORIZON, AHOORA and CATHRINA. Four ships have departed the port during the last 24 hours.

The departing ships are CAP VERDE, GOURNIATI, MELASPINE CASTLE and APL BRISBANE. AHOORA, ABTIN 1 and POS FREEDOM are due to sail out today. A tanker, five container vessels and two bulk carriers are due to arrive at Karachi Port. Container vessels UASC AJMAN AND WAN HAI 603 are arriving at the port on Saturday while a tanker SEA FAITH for loading 43,000 tonnes of molasses, three container vessels LT GENOVA, LINDAVIA and HYUNDAI BANGKOK; and two bulk carriers for discharging 42,840 tonnes coal and 6,000 tonnes steal are scheduled to reach Karachi Port on Sunday. OCEAN PRESIDENT will be discharging coal whereas BLUE CAT to discharge steel bars. A total tonnage of 32,305 comprising 20,973 tonnes of export cargo and 11,332 tonnes of import cargo was handled by the port during the last 24 hours.

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