Crosby Asset Management (Pakistan) Limited’s notice of book closure for AMZ plus income fund

Karachi: This is to inform you that the Meeting of Board of Directors of Crosby Asset Management (Pakistan) Limited (CROSBY) has been schedule on 04 July 2011 to determine the entitlement of distribution, if any, to the Unit Holders of AMZ Plus Income Fund.

Unit holders whose name(s) appear in the Register at close of the business on 30 June 2011 will be entitled to dividend/bonus, if any, declared for the year ending 30 June 2011.

For more information, contact:
Syed Adnan Abdali
Company Secretary
Crosby Asset Management (Pakistan) Limited
10th Floor, PRC Towers,
M.T. Khan Road,
UAN: +9221 111 369 111
Fax: +9221 561 1886