(Colony) Sarhad Textile Mills Limited’s election of directors and fixing of Chief Executive’s remuneration

Karachi: This is to advise you that at the Extraordinary General Meeting of (Colony) Sarhad Textile Mills Limited (COST), held on 18 June 2011, in Rawalpindi, the following were elected Directors of the Company for the term of three years commencing 19 June 2011:

1. Mr. Sohail Farooq Shaikh
2. Mrs. Neelum Sohail Shaikh
3. Mrs. Mehreen Haroon Rashid
4. Mr. Farrukh Haroon Rashid
5. Mr. Mahir Mohsin Shaikh
6. Miss Suriya Shaikh
7. Mr. Shahid Aziz, Nominee of NIT. (Mr. Shahid Aziz is not liable to retirement under the provisions of Section 183 of the Companies Ordinance. 1984 and will continue to hold office as a director).

The following Directors had not sought re-election and have ceased to hold office upon the completion of their term;

1. Mrs. Nadia Shaikh
2. Mrs. Nazifa Shaikh

Subsequently at the Meeting an Ordinary Resolution was passed fixing the gross remuneration of the Chief Executive at Rs. 102,085 per month (inclusive of all benefits and perquisites), for the ensuing year.

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