Collective bargaining hooligans intensify attacks on Karachi Electric Supply Company offices, assets

Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has faced intensified attacks by CBA Union at the utility’s offices and assets Monday morning.

About 150 miscreants belonging to CBA Union and its external connivers led by Usman Baloch and Mr. Aziz surrounded the KESC’s main city offices in State Life Building in Saddar this morning in small groups and blocked all entry points leading to the utility’s offices. They threatened and harassed all the employees who had reached to perform their duties.

As many as 10 vehicles ready to perform maintenance work were damaged at KESC’s Akhtar Colony offices by the CBA hooligans on Monday who vandalized all the vehicles and broke their wind screens thereby disabling them from use. They attacked the office premises and vandalized other KESC properties and other vehicles parked there belonging to common citizens.

Over 150 CBA saboteurs surrounded KESC’s Power House at Elandar Road since early morning. They blocked all entries to the offices and harassed and threatened the officer-going employees.

The KESC has condemned the subversive attacks by CBA Union and has demanded protection from the Government and law enforcement agencies to help restore smooth functioning of the power utility in the best interest of the City life and general public.

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