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CM Punjab approves Special Audit System to combat corruption in Police

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has approved the implementation of a special audit system to identify corrupt elements and unprofessional behavior in the police. She granted the approval while chairing a special meeting to review the overall law and order situation of the province, in Murree today. This audit system allows court-martial for police officers and officials who are corrupt and involved in conspiracies with criminals. For this purpose a complaint can be registered on the special dashboard of the CM for demanding bribe. The forum considered also considered the proposal to establish border security forces to prevent smuggling. It decided to establish a functional specialized police force for each crime. The forum also gave approval to continue the campaign to eradicate drugs. It decided to introduce legislative amendments for death penalty in cases of rape of women and children. The Chief Minister directed to take strict measures to eliminate illegal arms culture in Punjab. She issued instru ctions to further fool proof arrangements against kite flying and use of metal wire for this purpose. She said the protection of every citizen of Punjab is the primary responsibility of the government. She said Police will be provided with modern weapons, vehicles, night vision and drones. She said effective action should be ensured for permanent elimination of terrorism, smuggling and gangs. Source: Radio Pakistan