Citizens approaching Federal Ombudsman against over-billing of K-Electric: Muhammad Yameen

Karachi, December 09, 2016 (PPI-OT): Citizens are approaching Federal Ombudsman against over-billing of K.E., lots of applications are accumulated, citizen get to shed blood, laments at Ombudsman Court, provision of justice to citizens at their door steps is continued by hearing applications on district level, these thoughts were expressed by Muhammad Yameen, Advisor to Federal Ombudsman during Conversation while hearing of applications against K.E.’s over billing at Deputy Commissioner Malir’s camp office. He said that nobody is safe from overbilling of K.E., even media personnel are extremely upset, and journalists told that officers in K.E. offices misbehave with them.

Muhammad Yameen said that situation is very intense, whether it is ombudsman’s district court or regional office, lots of applications are accumulated everywhere against overbilling but K.E. administration is not paying attentions. Applicant told he was very upset for over billing, and bothered to whirl around K.E. offices but still no hearing and had no remedy except to knock at the door of Ombudsman Court, the Court rejected K.E. representative’s report and upended excess billing.

Applicant Muhammad Shoaib told he was implicated for Kunda by K.E. and was sent a excess bill of Rs. 7438/- while he had been paid the bill each month, Judge of the Court Muhammad Yameen ordered to send him average bill on meter reading till three months. Applicant Syed Iftikhar Ahmed told that he was very ill and poor, his only one son works, he was usually sent the bill Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000 as per meter reading but suddenly received a bill of Rs. 7513/-, he was upset that K.E sent another bill of Rs. 139076/-, he whirled around K.E. offices who told his meter is out of sorts while he did nothing such a thing, and he was pressurized to pay that bill within 7 days, the Court should take the notice, Muhammad Yameen ordered to change the meter and correct the bill with consultation of G.M. K.E. Maroof Solangi.

Applicant Muhammad Saleem told that he was a retired employee who still not paid his dues but K.E. sent him a bill of Rs. 65162 in November 2016, he requested to Ombudsman Court for taking action against K.E., the Court upended the excess bill and provided him justice.

Applicant Saeeda Faisal told the Court that K.E. sent him a bill of Rs. 62000/- in February 2016 when she went to K.E. office, they did not decreased the bill but made the installments of Rs. 6000 per month, she was still paying the installments that suddenly K.E. sent her again a bill of Rs. 70,000/- and regularly person come her house and threatened her of disconnection of power, upon which Ombudsman Court, with consultation of representative of K.E., decreased the bill to 60% and ordered to pay it in 8 installments.

The Court upended IRB included in the bills of applicants Sharafat Hussain, Imran Hussain, Shafiq Ahmed, Zahid Mughal and Muhammad Zafar while postponed the hearing of applications from applicants Muhammad Faisal, Muhammad Nawaz and ordered to K.E. to produce the report.

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