China’s milk market has great potential for Pakistan’s camel milk: Prof. Cheng Xizhong

The Chinese and Pakistani enterprises may conduct on the spot studies and cooperate in camel milk production and sales as it will be very popular in the Chinese market.

In an article published by China Economic Net, the visiting professor at Southwest University of Political Science Cheng Xizhong, said the camel milk has long been produced in Pakistan, while China started camel milk production only two years ago.

He said the camels in Pakistan are single-humped ones, and the milk yield is higher than that of China’s Bactrian camels.

He said with the increasing demand for camel milk, camels will play a new role in the Belt and Road cooperation.

It is pertinent to note that China has a population of 1.4 billion, and in 2019, China’s camel milk production was only 17,000 tons, far from meeting the needs of the Chinese people.


Source: Radio Pakistan