China should invest in power projects for industrial units in Pakistan: Minister of State/chairman board of investment

Islamabad: A six (06)-member delegation from People’s Republic of China headed by Mr. Zhu Yuanchao, Vice President M/s Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC)., China called on Minister of State/Chairman Board of Investment Saleem H. Mandviwalla.

MOS/Chairman BOI suggested Mr. Zhu to invest in the power plants for industrial areas with the capacity of 100 or 200 MW. He said that the investment in these industrial units would solve the energy crisis of the industries in the cities of Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Sialkot.

He further informed that such power plants could be operated/installed without the prior approval of the government and tariffs could also be charged in accordance to the production cost and profit margins. In this way, the issue of delay in clearance of the payments from the government would also be solved.

Mr. Zhu informed that DEC after 19 years presence in Pakistan now also intends to invest in various power sectors of Pakistan such as Hydel Thermal, Alternate and Nuclear. He said that their company had already been working on five hydro and thermal projects in the country, including 425 MW Nandipur thermal and 525 MW Chichokimalian project.

DEC not only achieved the annual production of power generating equipment for more than 30,000MW consisting of hydro, thermal, nuclear, wind, combine-cycle generating unit, presently enjoys one-third domestic market share in thermal power and two-fifths in hydro power, but also has been diversifying its manufacturing industries to various fields such as desulphurization and denitrification, heavy-duty machinery, power transmission, hi-voltage large power frequency converter, solar grade silicon, industrial control devices, chemical and maritime equipment.

DEC has taken the lead in China particularly in contracting international power stations and a wide variety of large engineering projects, and exports complete plants and equipment to over 30 countries involving projects in diverse fields such as power generation, electric and mechanical works, power distribution and transmission, railways, environmental protection, heavy duty mining and metallurgy equipment, traffic and transportation, communication etc.

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