Chairman National Disaster Management Authority’s interview to the Reuters on rehabilitation efforts for the flood affectees

Islamabad: Dr. Zafar Qadir, the Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in an interview to Ms. Myra MacDonald’s, a journalist from the renowned News Agency Reuters, briefed the latter on the rehabilitation efforts of the Government of Pakistan and repatriation status of the flood affectees of 2010. He stated that the situation in the affected areas is normal as the majority of the affectees have returned to their homes. He briefed Ms. MacDonald’s on NDMA‘s pre-monsoon contingency plan being finalized in coordination with all its partners in order to ensure timely response in any upcoming emergency situation.

Ms. Myra MacDonald’s posed a number of questions about the floods and humanitarian efforts of the Government of Pakistan and lauded the role of NDMA in providing timely relief to the flood affectees of 2010.

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