Capital Development Authority constitute task force for controlling monsoon epidemic

Islamabad: The Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Imtiaz Inayat Elahi has directed Health Services Directorate to take all possible measure for provision of relief to the residents in case of water born diseases in the Federal Capital during the current monsoon season.

He said that the monsoon season is more conducive for contamination of water so the general public and community have to take extra precautionary measures during this high risk season.

Gastroenteritis and other related illness, which spread through drinking water, leads to dehydration because of excessive vomiting and diarrhea that eventually cause shortage of minerals such as potassium and sodium in the body. Potassium and sodium are very small particles in the body fluid but play very vital role in keeping the blood pressure, hydration and kidney functions normal. With the loss of few litre of water from the body, if not treated in time, may lead to extreme weakness, lethargy and generalized body pain and in extreme cases shock.

It is therefore, advised that conditions should be avoided by simply adopting preventive measures that are (i) wash hands regularly specially after using bathroom, (ii) drink boiled water and (iii) don’t consume rotten raw food and uncooked material. It is also advised not to buy cut fruits and vegetables etc.

The Chairman CDA, Imtian Inayat Elahi has directed the Director Health Services to response to the situation to reduce the risk of gastroenteritis promptly so that the citizens of Islamabad could be saved from any illness.

In this connection with some reported cases of Acute Watery Diarrhea in the city, the Directorate of Health Services jointly with the UN Organizations has constituted the “Islamabad Task Force” to combat with the situation. Roles and responsibility of different organizations and partners have been outlined with the aim in keeping the city health. The members of the Task Force in addition to the Director Health Services comprises representatives of WHO, UNICEF, UN-Habitat, Plan International, representative of Water Testing Lab, CDA, representative of Water Management Wing, CDA and City Sewerage Department, CDA. The Task Force will oversee disease surveillance, water purification and sampling, ensure chlorination, distribution of chlorine tablets and hygiene kits, IEC material for raising awareness of the people and behavioural change in the communities for adopting hygiene practices and healthy lifestyle in order to avoid epidemic and disease in high risk area.

In addition, the Directorate of Health Services under the directions of Chairman CDA has also constituted a “DHS Response Team” which is mandated to distribute chlorine tablets in the high risk areas, raise awareness of the people, ensure public announcements for boiling water through mosques and distribution of soaps.

In the long run, the Directorate of Health Services has developed an action plan in collaboration with WHO, UNICEF, UN-Habitat and PLAN International for averting episode of water born diseases such as Acute Water Diarrhea, Typhoid etc. in Islamabad. Directorate of Health Services is grateful to WHO which has provided chlorine tablets and hygiene kits to UNICEF and UN-HABITAT for providing support and technical assistance.

In most of the developing countries water borne illness contributes to the main burden of the disease. These are related with unhygienic habits, poor sanitary conditions, consumption of unclean water, eating rotten vegetables and foods, uncooked and unhygienic ally prepared food etc.

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