Bringing peace to Malakand is a success story that was made through constant efforts and thoroughly worked out strategy – Minister for Information

Peshawar: Khyber Pakhtoonkhaw Minister for Information and Public Relations Mian Iftikhar Hussain has said that bringing peace to Malakand is a success story that was made through constant efforts and thoroughly worked out strategy. Before life had gone crippled and there was no sign of rule of law.

Terrorists used to rule trough a parallel govt but the terrorists were expelled and the govt succeeded in winning back peace for the people of Malakand. He was delivering a lecture at the community centre youki Japan, during his visit to Japan

He said that his govt first tried to negotiate peace despite opposition from the international community but it did not work that necessitated a strong action against the terrorists. He reminded that we are at the critical juncture of our history we have strategically important geographical position which was under the glare of super powers and terrorists fighting a un ending war against each other on our soil.

This fire has a direct bearing on the whole of the country and regions therefore we ought to put our share in extirpating elements using our soil for their own nefarious ends. We should not become a tool at the hand of super power and the terrorists.

He said that before the people used to portray terrorists as their heroes but fortunately now they hate them because of their brutal acts of terrorism. He said that bringing peace to Malakand became possible after huge sacrifices.

He asked the business community to concentrate on their business and their govt would continue fighting terrorism so that durable peace restored. He suggested coordinated strategy by America, Afghanistan and Pakistan otherwise durable peace in the entire region will become a far cry.

He said that the spate of terrorism has been reduced considerably, the network of terrorist has been weekend but it is yet to be eliminated but rest assured at the end of the day we will triumph against terrorism he said that now institutions in our country are getting strength with each passing day.

There might be a difference of opinion but it is the beauty of democracy.

The elected parliament made amendments to the constitution which was de shaved a previous error. The media and the civil society made visible contribution to the cause of democracy and they sacrificed against terrorism as well. The people guard political maturity they are not sacred by any browbeating he assured that with the end of terrorism we will reach our destiny as one of the developed nations of the world.

The provincial autonomy made the entire Pakistani into a united nation and it is silent revolution as now the provinces would make decision of their own choice. Before the Province of Khyber Pakhtoonkhaw used to make annual developmental strategy upto rupees six bullion that has raised upto rupees 86 bullion adding that the stability of the country is linked to the prosperity and development of the provinces.

We have to rise to the occasion to foil all conspiracy we must stop the lengthening shadows of injustices and discourage un democratic attitude to make our county to enter the phase of development and property.

Earlier president ANP Japan chapter Naeem khan and General Secretary Mehboob Khan spoken the occasion.

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