Board of directors meeting of Hala Enterprises Limited

Karachi, Hala Enterprises Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that board of directors meeting of the company will be held on December 29, 2020 at Lahore, to appoint the chairman and Chief Executive of the Company.

Since 1974, Hala Enterprises Limited has been one of the leading innovators and market trend setters in the towel industry of the region. The company’s core business activity is centered on towel and other terry products manufacturing in the Lahore district of Pakistan. The entire manufacturing is based on custom-made items for specific clientele for export purposes. While exports are world-wide, the concentration of sales is within Europe – aimed at both the institutional and the retail sector. Hala is a completely integrated towel manufacturing unit with all facilities in-house. The total manufacturing capacity is approximately 1500 tons annually – due to which the company is able to exercise astonishing levels of flexibility when it comes to query-based orders.

The symbol “HAEL” is being used by the stock exchanges for the shares of Hala Enterprises Limited.

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