Bin Qasim zone offers great investment potential

Karachi: Bin Qasim Industrial Zone holds great potential for attracting foreign and local investment due to its unique location—being adjacent to the port having most modern shipping facilities.

These views were expressed by the speakers at Bin Qasim Association of Trade and Industry’s luncheon reception and networking session with Vice Admiral ® Mohammed Shafi, Chairman Port Qasim Authority, prominent business leaders and Chairman of seven town Industrial Associations at BQATI office at Bin Qasim Industrial Area recently.

Chairman PQA said the PQA is in very good position to expand its industrial activities owing to huge land owned by the port authority.

“It is the only port in Pakistan that has its own industrial zone,” he said adding that the PQA has shown a tremendous growth in a short span of time. “We expect that the industries in port area will invest more in future.”

“We know that there is need for improving infrastructure for which we have asked Pakistan Railways to improve its system,” he said. The PQA is working to improve infrastructure in its industrial zone to make it the first choice of shippers and industrialists. Shafi said that Port Qasim had shown tremendous growth in a limited period of time and expressed hope that industries in the area would invest more in future.

He pointed out that the PQA owned 31,000 acres of land. As many as 180 industries are operational in the industrial area while other 257 industries are in the pipeline.

He assured the business community and the members of BQATI of all possible support for setting up industries in the zone. “We will provide infrastructure,” he said adding “in return I hope more industrialists will invest in our industrial zone.”

Main Muhammad Ahmed, Patron-In-Chief / Founder President, BQATI said that a lot of industries in the port industrial area are not coming on stream owing to energy shortage in the country. He said BQATI would continue to serve as the bridge between trade and industry and government functionaries.

He pointed out that they had faced deteriorating law and order situation in the area last year; however, the situation has improved with increased police patrolling on the National Highway. Security cameras have also been installed at key locations; liaison with Pakistan Rangers has been maintained for setting up check post at PQA and enhance BQATI Neighbourhood Watch Programme on self-help basis.

President, BQATI, Mr. Usman Ahmed said BQATI was also successful in working with PQA to resolve the long-standing issues of seed pilferage at Port Qasim through deputation of supervisory companies, work with local authorities to have road repair work completed on National Highway and Port Qasim which were seen as hotspots for street crimes. Work with PTCL has been carried out to set up customer facilitation centre at Port Qasim and install fiber optic lines with state-of-the-art telecom facilities.

Mr. S. M. Muneer, Patron-In-Chief, Korangi Association of Trade and Industry Mr. Abdul Rasheed Jan Mohammed, Jawed Bilwani, Irfan Moten, Chairman SITE Association of Trade and Industry, Mian Zahid Hussain, Member Executive Committee, KATI, Vice President, Mr. Shakil Ashfaq, Chairman Law Committee, Mr. Farhan Ansari, Chairman Law and Order Advisory Committee along with Managing Committee of Bin Qasim Association of Trade and Industry and others also spoke on the occasion.

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