Bilal fibres Limited’s form 21 under the companies ordinance 1984

Karachi: This is in reference to aforementioned subject. Kindly find enclosed the following documents in the context.

1) Certified copy of Form 21.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt.

The Companies Ordinance, 1984 (Section 142)

Notice of Situation of Registered Office or Any Change Therein

Please complete in typescript or in bold block capitals.


1.CUIN (Incorporation Number) 0014636
2.Name of the CompanyBilal Fibres Limited
3.Fee Paid Rs. 1500Name and Branch of The Bank  MCB, Main Market Gulberg (183), Lahore
4.Receipt No. M-2011-028932Date13072011
(Bank Chillan to be attached in original)
5.The situation of registered office of the company was changed from(State previous address)Room No. B-403, 4th Floor, City Towers, Main Boulevard, Gulberg-II, Lahore.
6.The registered office of the Company is now situated at112-C, Block E/1, Ghalib Road, Gulberg-III, Lahore.
(State full address with identifiable number / name of the premises or building and street, road and locality besides the name of the town and postal area, where applicable).
6.1Telephone Nos.


6.2Fax No, if any


6.3E-mail address

7.With effect from (date)13072011
8.Signatures of Chief Executive / Secretary
9.Name of Signatory

Mr. Rizwan Asiam


Company Secretary

11.NIC Number of Signatory


Day MonthYear

For more information, contact:
Bilal fibres Limited
Room No. B-403,
City towers,
Main Boulevard Gulberg – II,
Tel: 92-42 35770466-8
Fax: 92-42 35770469