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BIGO rapidly develops its commercialization in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — During Ramadan, BIGO Ads expanded partnerships in Fintech by working with Bank Islami and served their campaign on imo social communication app. Bank Islami is a well-known bank in Pakistan with nationwide presence. By targeting NRP’s (Non-Resident Pakistanis) audience on imo story stream and story feed ads placements, the average CTR reached 1.86% for the brand.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, one of the leading non-profit organizations dedicated to humanitarian services in Pakistan, also ran a campaign on imo chatlist, audio call and story stream spots, targeting NRP audience, and obtained the average CTR of 1.24%.

BIGO Ads launched its commercial advertising service in Pakistan in 2020. It has accelerated its commercialization in Pakistan through cooperation with different brands such as 3C, FMCG, Games, etc., to provide professional one-stop marketing solutions services to local customers.

BIGO Ads, a global mobile marketing platform that is a premium aggregator of the high-quality traffic short video products Likee and also exclusively represents the advertising business of the social communication product imo. BIGO Ads collaborates with worldwide brands and helps them reach larger customer base through imo and Likee which have gained huge popularity among the Pakistan Internet population since 2020.

imo is a global instant communication platform aiming to provide convenient, interactive, and fun way for people to connect. imo connects over 200 million monthly active users in 62 languages across more than 150 countries worldwide.

Based on imo’s massive amount of traffic, high user engagement and excellent user consumption behaviors, brands can easily access huge ad exposure in Pakistan. imo can provide corresponding brand solutions based on advertisers’ different promotion demands. For example, for great exposure demand, advertisers can choose brand takeover ad. Meanwhile, chatlist ad and story stream ad can let your brand reach the right and flexible audience. imo recommends the superpower “roadblock package” that can help maximize brand exposure through multiple advertisement channels inside the app.

Likee is a prominent global short video creation platform with cutting-edge special effects, video shooting and editing tools. Nowadays, it has become one of the leading short videos product that possessing high growth of users in Pakistan and helps shape the social trend in Pakistan market.

Powered by professional marketing solutions, Likee is dedicated to its solid commercial values, and helps brands in achieving their objectives. Brand Takeover is a great approach to reach significant ads exposure. Moreover, Likee’s Hashtag Challenge, Branded Effect and Customized HTML 5 can trigger supreme interaction among users. KOL Cooperation and Shopping Cart Function add up commercial value for brands.

Likee is creative and effective in the delivery of ad services. At the end of 2020, Likee helped launch Hashtag Challenge for PUBG MOBILE in Pakistan. The activity was in an attractive, interactive way and involved popular characteristic elements in the local market. For example, many well-known Pakistani pop singers were invited to sing the theme song. Their participation attracted many users in the active creation of Emoji expressions, which massively accelerated the spread of the brand reputation and expanded the user base of PUBG MOBILE.

In Pakistan, Flame Ads is one of our official resellers. It helps BIGO Ads develop its commercialization in Pakistan. BIGO Ads has been rapidly expanding its commercialization in Pakistan, especially with the major local brands and customers interested in Likee and imo. With BIGO Ads’ substantial traffic and rich, efficient marketing solutions, we will provide advertisers with a better service and achieve marketing objectives in 2021.

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