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Bhara Kahu Bypass Project Budget Rises to PKR 8 Billion Due to Expanded Scope

ISLAMABAD , The cost of the Bhara Kahu bypass construction project has risen to PKR 8 billion, a significant increase from the originally approved budget of PKR 6.5 billion. This escalation in the project's financial requirements is attributed to an expansion of the project's scope.

According to, officials have confirmed that the increase in costs is due to additional elements that were integrated into the project during construction. These necessary additions have consequently pushed the total expenditures beyond the initial budget estimates.

Further details obtained from the source highlighted that the National Logistics Cell (NLC), which is the contractor overseeing the bypass project, has requested an extra PKR 1.8 billion from the CDA to cover the costs of the additional work. This work was carried out following the CDA's instructions, necessitating further financial resources.

In order to address the contractor's claim, the CDA has sought the expertise of an external consultant for verification of the additional costs incurred. A consulting firm appointed by the Punjab government evaluated the additional work and has endorsed the legitimacy of the extra expenses, recommending that an approval for an increased amount of PKR 1.5 billion be granted to meet the new financial demands of the bypass project.

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