BankIslami Pakistan Limited’s notice of 8th annual general meeting

Karachi: We are enclosing herewith following newspapers dated March 9, 2012, in these Notice of 8th Annual General Meeting of our Bank is published. The Annual General Meeting of the Bank will be held on March 30, 2012.


The Business Recorder  Friday, March 9, 2012 (English)
Daily Express   Friday, March 9, 2012 (Urdu)


Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 8th Annual Pakistan Limited will be held Inshaa Allah Hotel Regent Plaza, Shahrah-e-Faisal, BankIslami General Meeting of the Members of BankIslami on Friday, March 30, 2012 at 12:00 noon at Karachi, to transact the following business:

Ordinary Business

1. To confirm minutes of the 7th Annual General Meeting held on March 30, 2011.

2. To receive, consider and adopt the Audited Financial Statements (separate and consolidated) for the year ended December 31, 2011 together with the Auditors’ and Directors’ Reports thereon.

3. To appoint auditors of the bank for the year ending December 31, 2012 and to fix their remuneration. The present auditors M/s. A.F. Ferguson and Co, Chartered Accountants, retire and being eligible, offer themselves for re-appointment.

Any Other Business

4. To transact any other business with the permission of the Chair.


i. The Members’ Register will remain closed from March 25, 2012 to March 31, 2012 (both days inclusive).

ii. A member eligible to attend and vote at this meeting may appoint another member as proxy to attend and vote in the meeting. Proxies in order to be effective must be received at the registered office not less than 48 hours before the holding of the meeting.

iii. An individual beneficial owner of the Central Depository Company, entitled to vote at this meeting must bring his/her Computerized National Identity Card with him/her to prove his/her identity, and in case of proxy must enclose an attested copy of his/her Computerized National Identity Card. Representatives of corporate members should bring the usual documents required for such purposes.

iv. Members are requested to promptly notify Share Registrar, M/s. Technology Trade (Pvt.) Ltd., Dagia House, 241-C, PECH Society, Karachi, of any change in their address.

For more information, contact:
BankIslami Pakistan Limited
11th Floor, Executive, Tower Dolmen City,
Marine Drive, Block- 4, Clifton Karachi.
Tel: 35839906
Fax: 35378373

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