Bad governance, unemployment leading to suicides in IHK: Study

Srinagar, June 07, 2013 (PPI-OT): In occupied Kashmir, the apathy of occupation authorities towards day-to-day needs of the youth and its failure to provide them job opportunities have led to the increasing trend of suicides in the territory, revealed a study.

The study undertaken by Dr Sham Sun Nisa in 2012 and published in the ‘Journal of Society in Kashmir’ by the Department of Sociology at Kashmir University reveals that unemployment was one of the major reasons for youth who resort to suicides.

The study features profiles of 11 persons – both male and female – and finds out the stark realities of their unemployed lives and why they attempted suicide. “Major factors which appear to be behind suicides are intense desperation in life, late marriage and unemployment,” the study reads.

The researcher has conducted the case study of persons belonging to different age groups from all districts of Kashmir and found that persons who attempted suicide had been unemployed, facing grave financial crisis at home.

“There has been an increase in the rate of suicide,” it reads. “Now a slight provocation is enough to lead unemployed persons to suicide. ”Rising unemployment is indirectly seen as one of the biggest factors of declining social fabric in Kashmir and past studies have revealed that joblessness was directly to blame for increasing suicides.

Experts say that bad governance is the result of huge unemployment, which eventually fills the life an unemployed youth with darkness.

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