Attack on Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited Head Office was by terminated employees

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has clarified that no salaries of non-core workers were outstanding towards the utility that would trigger any protest or attack on KESC head office on August 29, 2011 and the impression to this effect is being created by anti-reform forces which have been exploiting labour issues to block improvements and reform process being introduced to provide better services to 20 million population of Karachi.

While referring to certain reports in a section of media, KESC said that this was totally false to say that “some employees went to the head offices to demand their salaries of 3-4 months ”.

KESC said that the utility paid “Ramazan Package” to non-core employees in line with the agreement signed at the Governor’s House. KESC even paid “Eid Kifalat Package” just before Eid-ul-Fitr purely on humanitarian grounds although this was not included in the agreement.

KESC further pointed out that around 150 persons who launched an armed attack on the utility’s head offices on Aug. 29 were not members of the staff as they had already been terminated on disciplinary grounds through the utility’s internal process.

Since the non-core employees had already been paid as per the agreement, therefore they had no reason to attack the head offices. This was proved from their number as well, because if they had come to ask for salaries, then the number of attackers would have been over 1500.

The terminated employees who attacked the head offices just created this baseless façade to gain public sympathy and justify their attack and tried to hide behind this false allegation that salaries were not paid for four months.

KESC said that the impression that salaries of non-core workers, who were offered VSS, had been held back was absolutely baseless and completely incorrect and KESC categorically rejects that.

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