Atlas Asset Management Company Limited’s portfolio of Investment in marketable securities and asset allocation atlas fund of funds

Karachi: Please find enclosed the portfolio of investment in marketable securities and asset allocation of Atlas Fund of Funds as at August 31, 2011.

Atlas Fund of Funds Investment Portfolio as at August 31, 2011


Holding as at

Name of the Investee companyAugust 31, 2011Market Value
All the holdings are in shares / certificates / units of
Rs.10 each as otherwise stated


Investments – at Fair Value Through Income Statement
       Closed – End Mutual Funds
Managed By AKD Investments Management Limited
Golden Arrow Selected Stocks Fund Limited
(Face value Rs. 5/- per share)3,000,00010,200,000
Managed By Al-Meezan Investments Management Limited
Meezan Balanced Fund3,667,90337,082,499
Managed By JS Investments Limited
JS value Fund Limited 1,325,000 5,982,500
JS Growth Fund 4,788,97625,237,904
 ———- ———–
Managed By PICIC Asset Management Company Limited
PICIC Energy Fund3,214,834 22,664,580
PICIC Growth Fund 1,313,55017,023,608
PICIC Investments Fund4,000,00022,600,000
  ———- ———–
8,528,384 62,288,188
Open-Ended Mutual Funds
Managed By Atlas Asset Management Limited
Atlas Islamic Stock Fund (Related party)60,89716,271,470
(Face value Rs. 500/- par unit)
Atlas Money Market Fund (Related party) 10,170 5,116,215
(Face value Rs. 500/- per unit)
Atlas Stock Market Fund (Related party)132,07541,882,259
———- ———–
(Face value Rs. 500/- per unit)203,142 65,269,944
Managed By Al-Meezan Investment Management Limited
Al-Meezan Mutual Fund Limited3,148,99529,077,820
Managed Habib Asset Management Limited
First Habib Cash Fund339,88234,667,937
(Face value Rs. 100/- per unit)
Managed HBL Asset Management Limited
HBL Islamic Stock Fund 50,8655,130,512
(Face value Rs. 100/- per unit)
HBL Money Market Fund250,28825,540,655
(Face value Rs. 100/- per unit)
HBL Stock Fund202,82018,265,954
 ———- ———–
(Face value Rs. 100/- Per unit)503,97348,937,121
Managed By Js Investments Limited
JS Cash Fund219,554 22,607,501
(Face value Rs. 100/-per Unit)
Managed By Lakson Investments Limited
Lakson Income Fund 380,900 38,211,355
(Face value Rs. 100/- per unit)
Lakson Money Market Fund366,86436,711,474
 ———- ———–
(Face value Rs. 100/- per unit) 747,76474,922,829
Managed By National Investment Trust Limited
NIT Government Bond Fund582,7286,002,561
———- ———–
———- ———–
Total cost of investments as on August 31, 2011 514,345,043


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