APHC lauds people of Kashmir on completion of hundred days of intifada

Srinagar, October 16, 2016 (PPI-OT):The All Parties Hurriyet Conference (APHC) in a statement issued in Haiderpora Srinagar today lauded the people of Kashmir for showing steadfastness on the completion of 100 days of the ongoing Intifada.

The statement deplored that the hundred days were marked with the worst death and destruction at the hands of occupational troops. The APHC thanked the media and all relevant quarters who played a constructive role during the intifada so far.

The statement is as follows:

“Present uprising has completed 100 days of persistent resilience, adding one more feather to the prolonged struggle for right to self-determination. All Parties Hurriyat Conference said while issuing statement to the press on Sunday. After Burhan’s martyrdom on 8th July 2016, whole valley poured in streets forcing, not only state but the whole sub-continent into the heated debate, bringing both nuclear nations at the verge of collision, attracting the world attention to the heinous crimes committed by India for which we as a nation are paying a heavy price. Investing 90 graves of our youth, blinded more than 500, crushed and humbled about 15000 and above 10,000 including juveniles slapped PSA and languishing in jails.

Hurriyat said not only this, but our traders despite bearing the massive losses of more than 140 crore daily have wilfully supported this movement and the worst hit was our transport fraternity, who’s contribution is unparalleled as they have to bear the main brunt of the prevailing circumstances. After 9th July there was beeline of injured and maimed populace, our worthy doctors particularly those in ophthalmology department, Para-medical staff, ambulance drivers worked day and night to help the patients in destitute, at the cost of their own comfort.

We owe our sincere thanks to Dr. Natrajan for his expert skill to augment our local doctors, performing more than one thousand minor and major eye surgeries. Hurriyat said that our volunteers wholeheartedly provided much needed food and medicine to the people from far-flung areas, although champions of “Insaniyat and Kashmiryat” roughed them up and forced them to windup these camps. Our educational institutions, their owners and administrators, teachers and students worked hard to foil the government’s attempts to send the kids to the schools in such a charged environment and illusionise the myth of normalcy.

This whole picture of death and destruction would have remained unheard, had our worthy media not put this pain and agony to the outside world through their news items, write-ups, columns, cartoons and editorials. It seems as if their words came deep down from their core of heart as they themselves where hit very hard personally as well as professionally. Hurriyat said that our local baitul maals have a huge responsibility to reach out to the needy people and they do it to their maximum potential. Hurriyat said in every nation there are a bunch of self-centred and treason people and we are no exception.

We have seen some youth forcibly trying to disrupt and disturb the relaxation period, they can in no way be well wishers of the movement and we collectively need to nip and expose them. Hurriyat said that people in valley know very well that Sang Parivaar takes pleasure when we are hit hard and India as a ruthless oppressor has been doing so for the last 7 decades. We are just related to them with a card of humanity, but they have themselves left the ugliest scars of their insaniyat from Gujraat to Kashmir and we have no grudge against them but this is ironical that those with whom we have not only human and national but religious bond as well, they wearing green dresses, camouflage their intent using phrases like “Battle of Ideas” only to grab the votes.

They promise to macadamize our roads but actually they paint them with our blood, they slaughter our youth, lock them in police and interrogation centres and have tall claims of development and empowerment. Hurriyat said that despite all this, they surprisingly blame the common people to disrupt “peace” and import more armed manpower to shamelessly clinch to their chair. Hurriyat said that blinding our youth, they have not only blinded but paralyzed themselves as well and when so-called elected representatives behave in such a way, people at large have a strong and a concrete logic not to humiliate their franchise and they have every reason to demand that they have lost legal, moral and even democratic right to represent them.”

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