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Another Actress Claims That Pakistani Cricketers Slide Into Her DMs

After Showbiz actress Nawal Saeed, fellow actress Momina Iqbal has stepped forward in revealing that she, too, has received messages from Pakistani cricketers on social media. The Ghaata star spilled the beans during a recent talk show appearance Life Green Hai with Nadia Khan and Aijaz Aslam. When asked by the host if she had ever received messages from cricketers, Momina confirmed, 'Yes,' indicating that interactions between individuals in the media industry and cricketers are not uncommon. She explained that as public figures, they often receive polite greetings or casual messages, such as 'Hi' or 'Salam,' from various individuals, including cricketers. While Momina acknowledged receiving such messages, she refrained from divulging the identities of the cricketers who had contacted her. She stated that she did not see the necessity to disclose their names, as they were already well-known public figures. However, Momina did provide some details about one of the cricketers, mentioning that he was a membe r of the national team, older than her, and primarily a batsman. Despite these insights, she maintained discretion regarding their identities. Check out the full interview here: This revelation follows actress Nawal Saeed's earlier statements about receiving messages from verified Instagram accounts of notable cricketers. Nawal had expressed surprise at the content of these messages, sparking discussions about interactions between celebrities and sports personalities in entertainment industry. During the interview, Nawal hinted at receiving messages from cricketers with verified Instagram accounts, raising eyebrows about their behavior and professionalism. However, when pressed for specific names, Nawal remained evasive, fueling further speculation about the identities of the cricketers involved. Source: Pro Pakistani