Annoor Textile Mills Limited’s financial results (un-audited) for the half year ended 31-12-2011

Karachi: We have to inform you that the Board of Directors of our Company in their meeting held on Tuesday, The 28th February 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at registered office of the Company have not recommended any Dividend/ Bonus Shares or Right Shares for the Half year ended 31st December, 2011 due to Losses sustained by the Company.

The financial Results of the Company are as under.


From 01-07-2011

From 01-07-2010

To 31-12-2011

To 31-12-2010



Sales (Net)--
Cost of Goods Sold--
Gross Profit/ (Loss)--
Operating Expenses:
Administrative and General(734,635)(845,794)
Financial Charges/ Other Chagres--
Profit/ (Loss) before taxation(734,635)(845,794)
Provision for taxation--
Net Profit/ (Loss) after taxation(734,635)(845,794)
Accumulated (Loss) brought forward(34,633,249)(31,584,862)
Accumulated (Loss) Carried Forward
To Balance Sheet(35,367,884)(32,430,656)
Earnings / (Loss) Per Share(0.42)(0.49)


The Share Transfer Books of the Company will be closed from 23rd February 2012 to 8th March 2012 (Both days inclusive).

For more information, contact:
Muhammad Irshad
Annoor Textile Mills Limited
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