An important meeting of the Election Commission was held today in the Supreme Court of Pakistan

Peshawar: An important meeting of the Election Commission was held today in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Branch Registry Peshawar under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Acting Chief Election Commissioner Mr. Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan and attended by all the four Hon’ble Members of the ECP namely, Justice ® Muhammad Roshan Essani, Justice ® Riaz Kayani, Justice ® Shahzad Akbar Khan, and Justice ® Fazal- ur-Rehman.

Mr. Ishtiak Ahmad Khan, Secretary ECP, Additional Secretary ECP, Provincial Election Commissioners of all the four provinces, Deputy Chairman NADRA Mr. Tariq Malik, Census Commissioner Mr. Habib Ullah Khattak and senior officers of the Election Commission of Pakistan were also present in the meeting.

For ensuring preparation of error-free credible electoral rolls, the Hon’ble Acting CEC directed all the Provincial Election Commissioners to maintain a Daily Progress Report with regard to receipt of complaints, its redressal and submission of a proposal for redressal of unaddressed complaints to the Election Commission Secretariat for accelerating the ongoing process of preparation of Electoral Roll.

He also directed the Secretary ECP, Mr. Ishtiak Ahmad Khan to have daily meetings with NADRA with regard to redressal of complaints and progress made in this connection so that the error-free and credible final Electoral Rolls could be prepared well-in-time.

Taking a serious notice of the various T.V. Channels reports regarding irregularities in the preliminary Electoral Rolls, he warmly welcomed the criticism of all segment of society and directed the NADRA and all the Provincial Election Commissioners particularly Provincial Election Commissioner of Sindh Province to resolve every sort of complaints regarding Electoral Rolls and send a daily progress report highlighting the public grievances both in electronic and print media.

Meanwhile the Secretary ECP said that the progress of preparation of Electoral Rolls is according to the schedule submitted to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan and the ECP is in close liaison with NADRA to overcome all the related problems.

Deputy Chairman NADRA, Mr. Tariq Malik informed that NADRA has utmost tried to prepare error free and credible Electoral Rolls, and it is an historic achievement that no single complaint has been received about double entry in the Fresh Computerized Electoral Rolls.

All the Provincial Election Commissioner briefed the Election Commission about problems/complaints occurring in preparation of Electoral Rolls and steps being taken to overcome these Problems.

The Hon’ble Acting CEC appreciated the hard work and sincere dedication of ECP’s officials and directed to work on war-footing basis, day and night, as Electoral Rolls is the corner-stone for ensuring credible elections.

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