Air Cargo World Publishes Findings of 2012 Air Cargo Excellence Survey

Southwest, Qatar and Emirates finish on top.

Anchorage, Frankfurt and Hong Kong airports win awards in their regions.

ATLANTA, March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Air Cargo World, the global news authority on air logistics and freight transport, today unveils the findings of its eighth annual Air Cargo Excellence (ACE) Survey, which independently measures carriers and airports on specific criteria and ranks these to identify above or below average performance in individual areas. Carrier ratings are determined by freight forwarders, and airport ratings are determined by airlines. The purpose in having the specific subscriber groups for each survey is to ensure that only the actual customer is allowed to rate their service provider, thereby ensuring the integrity of the results.


The annual ACE Survey comprises separate surveys for airlines and airports that measure their performance during the previous 12 months. Airlines are rated on customer service, performance, value and information technology; airports are rated on performance, value, facilities and regulatory operations. The average rating for each measurement is calculated within each group, and that average is indexed to a value of 100. Ratings for airlines and airports are presented as an indexed score, relative to the average, to allow for easy comparisons. Scores greater than 100 represent an above average performance. Scores less than 100 represent below average performance. Scores of 100 represent exactly average performance.

The full results will be available online tomorrow, March 13, at The results will also be featured in the April issue of the monthly magazine, which is published by UBM Aviation (

“The ACE Survey provides a benchmark for the industry with quantifiable customer feedback on key performance measurements,” said Steve Prince, publisher of Air Cargo World. “In this year’s results, there was only a slight variation year-over-year with the percentage of airlines and airports that attained the indexed rating of 101 or higher. The 2010 survey revealed that 50 percent of the airports and 47 percent of the airlines achieved ratings higher than the industry average of 100. This year, those figures decreased slightly to 49 percent and 46 percent, respectively.”

Emirates SkyCargo, Qatar Airways and Southwest Airlines Cargo have impressed freight forwarders the most in the last 12 months, each attaining the top overall ranking in their tonnage category. While Emirates and Southwest have received top marks in the past, Qatar finished on top for the first time. Lufthansa, Cargolux and Swiss WorldCargo were runners-up in their respective tonnage categories.

Airports rated highest overall by airfreight carriers in the largest tonnage category were Anchorage in North America, Frankfurt in Europe and Hong Kong in Asia. Anchorage leaped past Memphis to take the top spot in North America, while Frankfurt beat last year’s winner Amsterdam. Frankfurt and Amsterdam have shown remarkable consistency over the years and have been the top two since 2006. Hong Kong, on the other hand, was only in the middle of the pack last year, but has risen to the top in this year’s survey.

Top rankings for airports with smaller freight capacity were Houston and Rockford in North America; Zurich and Leipzig in Europe; Santiago in Latin America; Osaka and Macau in Asia; and Dubai in the Middle East & Africa.

Carriers and airports use the results of this survey to track their own year-over-year performance through the eyes of their customers. The survey also helps them weigh their operations against their competitors.

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