A meeting of the Election Commission of Pakistan was held today under the chairmanship of Honourable Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan

Islamabad: Justice (R) Hamid Ali Mirza and attended by four Honourable Members Election Commission of Pakistan, namely, Justice (Retd) Muhammad Roshan Essani, Justice (Retd) Riaz Kayani, Justice (Retd) Shazad Akbar Khan and Justice (Retd) Fazal-ur-Rehman. Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan, Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan and other senior officers also attended the meeting.

2. After due deliberation and discussion on different items of Agenda, the Election Commission of Pakistan, inter alia, took the following decisions unanimously:

i) Regarding pre-poll arrangements for the forthcoming general elections, the ECP decided to ensure timely procurement of election material being a gigantic and time taking exercise.

ii) The Matter regarding appointment of retired District and Sessions Judges as Election Tribunals was also unanimously approved so that election disputes could be resolved in specified period of 120 days through day to day hearing.

iii) The documents submitted by the following fifteen newly formed political parties were found to be in conformity with the provisions of the Political Parties Order, 2002 and directed to be retained on record in accordance with law:

a. Awami Ittehad Party
b. Pakistan Muslim League (Muttehida)
c. Peoples Muslim League Pakistan
d. Muttehida Qabail Party
e. Pakistan Conservative Party
f. All Pakistan Minorities Alliance
g. Pakistan Muslim League Council
h. Sada-e-Pakistan Party
i. Tehreek-i-Ittehad-e-Adam
j. All Pakistan Youth Working Party
k. Khud Mukhtar Pakistan Party
l. Pakistan United Inqalab Party
m. Pakistan Muslim League Democratic
n. Pakistan Muslim League (Safdar)
o. Wattan National League Pakistan

ii)  The requests of allotment of symbols from already recognized political parties were considered and the symbols mentioned against each party were allotted according to their preferences from the approved list of symbols:

A Pakistan Fatima Jinnah Muslim League Stag
B Jamiat Ullma-e-Pakistan (Noorani) Fan
C Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek Gun
D Awami Justice Party Tumbler
E Muttehida Muslim League Bus
F Sindh Dost Party House
G Ittehad Alam-e-Islam Flower Pot
H Awami Tehreek Whistle
I Bahawalpur National Awami Party Bull Cart
J Sindh Taraqi Passand Party Television
K Jannat Pakistan Party Fountain

iii) On another request from Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Ejaz Qadri, Ameer of Sunni Tehreek for change of the name of his party from Sunni Tehreek to Pakistan Sunni Tehreek was also approved.

V) The issue of placement of Electoral Roll on ECP Official Website was deferred following concerns of NADRA authorities and the ECP directed that the matter may be discussed in the next meeting considering all aspects of the matter.

IV) The ECP expressed strong reservation over the transfer of a government employee during the last bye-elections in NA-9 Mardan-I and ordered that no such transfers be made in future, even on personal requests,  after the issuance of election schedule.

V) The Commission also approved adopting of Geographical Information System (GIS) for ensuring accurate delimitation and easy access to the information to be interlinked with this system in future.

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