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XJTLU Expert: Lessons learned from China’s war on poverty

SUZHOU, China, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In 2016, China officially pledged that by the end of 2020, it would raise its remaining 832 counties out of extreme poverty – a target reached last November. Last Thursday, China’s President Xi

ایک کیمرہ اور ایک خواب لیئے پاکستانی یوٹیوبر جس کے لاکھوں مداح ہیں، نے سنیک ویڈیو میں شمولیت اختیار کی۔

اسلام آباد ، یکم مارچ، 2021 / پی آر نیوز وائر / – کانٹٰنٹ بنانے والا ڈکی کوئی ایسا شخص نہیں ہے جو اسانی کی راہ سے گزرنا پسند کرتا ہے۔ ویڈیوز بنانے کے ابتدائی وقت میں ڈکی بھائی ،

Armed with a camera and a dream, a Pakistani YouTuber gains millions of fans on YouTube, joining SnackVideo

ISLAMABAD, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Content creator DuckyBhai is not someone who likes to walk down a well-trodden path. As an early pioneer in the video content creation scene, DuckyBhai, whose real name is Saad Ur Rehman, has ditched

ایکس جے ٹی ایل یو ماہر: غربت کے خلاف چین کی جنگ سے سیکھے گئے اسباق

سوزو، چین، یکم مارچ، 2021 / پی آر نیوز وائر / – سال 2016 میں، چین نے باضابطہ طور پر یہ عہد کیا تھا کہ 2020 کے اختتام تک، وہ اپنی بقیہ 832 کاؤنٹیز کو انتہائی غربت  سے باہر نکال

Difference Between Electricity Cost and Revenue Adding to Soaring Circular Debt: Report

The continuously augmented circular debt, which currently stands at an all-time high of 5.2 percent of the GDP, is a threat to the country’s energy security and consumer welfare, as per a report by the public policy research organization PRIME.

TRG Pakistan Made 2400% Higher Profit in First Half of FY21

TRG Pakistan made a windfall profit of Rs. 4.4 billion during the first half of the financial year 2020-21 by cashing in on emerging business opportunities in the global market. According to the financial results, the IT giant has had

Exports Cross $2 Billion for the 5th Consecutive Month

Pakistan’s exports have crossed $2 billion for the fifth consecutive month, but have declined year-on-year, as per an announcement tweeted by the Adviser to the Prime Minister for Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood, on Monday. His tweet read: “Our

Steps being taken to promote culture, tourism in Balochistan: CM

Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal says practical steps are being taken to promote culture and tourism in the province. Addressing a ceremony in Quetta, he said that the government is establishing resorts at tourist and historical sites while rehabilitation work