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‫آئی ایف اے 2019 میں ٹی سی ایل منی ایل ای ڈی ٹی وی نے قابل قدر ہوم تھیٹر گولڈ ایوارڈ جیت لیا

برلن، 6 ستمبر، 2019/پی آر نیوزوائر/– ٹی سی ایل (01070.HK) عالمی ٹی وی انڈسٹری کے ایک سرکردہ ادارے نے کہا ہے کہ انٹرنیشنل فنک اسٹیلونگ برلن (آئی ایف اے) 2019 میں انٹرنیشنل ڈیٹا گروپ(آئی ڈی جی) اور جرمن انڈسٹری اینڈ

SECP Forms Committee to Review Stock Market Situation

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has made a committee of senior market professionals/stakeholders to review the current situation in the stock market.The committee has been set up to provide recommendations for increasing liqui...

Pakistan Navy releases promo for Naval Day, to be observed on Sunday

Pakistan Navy has released promo of its documentary for Naval Day, to be observed on Sunday. According to Pakistan Navy Spokesperson, documentary titled Zarb-e-Aab, will be released tomorrow.The Spokesperson said the documentary reflects professional a...

Karachi police arrest four members of banned organization

Karachi police today arrested four members of a banned organization involved in act of terrorism in the city.SSP central Karachi Arif Aslam Rao told media that the arrested criminals were involved in attacks on DSNGs of TV channels to create