20-member business delegation of United States to visit Pakistan in March 2014: Khalid Kazi

Karachi, October 22, 2013 (PPI-OT): President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, United States of America (PCC-USA), Khalid Kazi has said that PCC-USA was planning to arrange visit of a 20-member US business delegation to Pakistan in the month of March 2014 but in this regard, no progress has been witnessed so far due to TDAP’s total failure to promptly respond to various communications including phone calls and emails.

“Besides 03 American businessmen of Pakistani origin, the US delegation will also comprise of 17 American businessmen and the Mayor of Houston as well but we are having very poor and sour experience in communicating with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan due to their sheer slackness.

We have sent three emails and made many phone calls to TDAP so far but to no avail”, Khalid Kazi added while speaking at a meeting during his visit to Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Tuesday.

President PCC-USA requested KCCI to act as in-charge of the entire arrangement and effectively intervene in this matter so that this high-powered US delegation could successfully pay a visit to Pakistan.

Acting President KCCI Muffasar A. Malik, in response, assured full support to PCC-USA in bringing this delegation to Pakistan. In this regard, the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry will utilize all its resources and influence to ensure that PCC-USA does not face any issues in bringing this delegation to Pakistan and everything is done on time, he added.

Vice President KCCI M. Idrees, Former President KCCI Haroon Agar, Former President KCCI MianAbrar, Former President KCCI Majyd Aziz and other prominent members of the managing committee were also present at the meeting.

Highlighting various initiatives undertaken by PCC-USA to strengthen ties with various chambers around the world, Khalid Kazi stressed the need to reduce communication gap between PCC-USA and the Karachi Chamber. In this regard, he suggested making online arrangements for video conferencing which will give KCCI an opportunity to not only participate in the monthly seminars/ joint meetings being organized by PCC-USA but will also pave way for direct communication between members of both chambers and act as a bridge between PCC-USA and KCCI.

He also stressed the need to intensify business-to-business interaction between the two countries as signing MoUs only will not yield positive results unless these MoUs are effectively implemented.

Earlier, while welcoming Khalid Kazi, Acting President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Muffasar A. Malik highlighted that bilateral trade relations between Pakistan and USA are growing healthier with the passage of time.

He noted that during 2012-13, Pakistan’s exports to US were recorded at $3.8 billion whereas Pakistan’s import from US stood at $1.01 billion, resulting in trade balance favoring Pakistan by $2.79 billion. Similarly, during 2011-12, Pakistan’s export to US stood at $3.9 billion against Pakistan’s importof $789 million fromUSwith a trade balance of $3.1 billion in favour of Pakistan.

“Pakistan’s import volume from US has increased by 29 percent Year on Year in Fiscal Year 2013 whereas Pakistan’s export volume to US has declined by 1.7 percent during this period”, Muffasar Malik said, adding that the United States was the biggest export destination for cotton, textile and apparel products of Pakistan, which represent 16 percent of total export volume.

Muffasar Malik further stated that KCCI has been stressing on concluding a Pak-USA trade agreement while shifting focus from aid to trade development, technology transfers and increasing investments.

“KCCI believes that only by increasing trade and economic activities both USA and Pakistan can prosper on a sustainable basis. KCCI strongly supports the initiatives of the two governments in achieving the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) since, in our opinion; this would definitely be the game changer that we are so eagerly looking forward to for many years”, he added.

BIT would enable both the countries to seriously negotiate the Free Trade Agreement that would bring trade and industry of both the nations closer as it would be a win-win situation for all, Muffasar commented.

Muffasar Malik also asked Pakistan Chamber of Commerce – USA to guide KCCI in holding trade exhibitions, fairs and similar events for the cause of promoting the products of Pakistan and USA in their respective regions. He was of the view that more exchange of trade delegations, individual visits of businessmen and officials, holding of single-country exhibitions in each other’s country, and better travelling facilities, would lead to rapid expansion in bilateral trade as well.

Vice President KCCI, M. Idrees Memon asked PCC-USA to join hands with KCCI by setting up a joint chamber of commerce and industry which will provide a perfect platform to the business communities of both countries to explore ways and means of how to further enhance business ties.

He also invited PCC-USA’s members to participate in Karachi Chamber’s My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony Exhibition to be held in June 2014 that will help in further cementing trade ties between the two countries.

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