President for adherence to national goals for prosperity

President Mamnoon Hussain has

said as the nation happily hoists the national flag today, it

needs to reiterate the strong resolve to always uphold the

values of determination and dedication for the objective of

development of Pakistan.

Today let us make a firm commitment that we will adhere

to our national objectives and goals. This will pave the way

for better governance. It will lead to maturity of democratic

traditions and will also strengthen the process of national

progress, he said in a message on the Independence Day.

Let us join hands for development and prosperity of the

motherland by keeping aside our differences. Let us promote

love and harmony by overcoming hatred and misgivings and

secure the future of our nation by turning despondency into

hope in order to celebrate freedom in its true sense, he


Seventy years ago while struggling for freedom, the

elders had resolved that this nation through constant

endeavors would make this country a cradle of peace,

brotherhood and a welfare society which would be an example

for the world to follow, he noted.

The president said in the wake of challenges confronted

by the country today, it was imperative to promote moderation

and rationality while availing the available opportunities.

He said in such a situation, it is necessary to unite

under the Constitution in the national interest by setting

aside differences and ensure its supremacy.

The Constitution is a document which will show us the

path to realize national objectives by rising above our

personal interests.It will also guarantee progress and

stability of the motherland as a manifestation of national

aspirations, God Willing, he added.

Source: Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage.